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Beginning Hibernate, 2nd Edition Free Ebook

Name : Beginning Hibernate, 2nd Edition

Author : Jeff Linwood, Dave Minter

Publication : Apress

Size : 9.58 mb

Pages : 400

Beginning Hibernate, Second Edition is ideal if you're experienced in Java with databases (the traditional, or connected, approach), but new to open-source, lightweight Hibernate - the de facto object-relational mapping and database-oriented applicat....

Spring Persistence with Hibernate Free Ebook

Name : Spring Persistence with Hibernate

Author : Paul Tepper Fisher, Brian Murphy

Publication : Apress

Size : 4.3 mb

Pages : 264

Persistence is an important set of techniques and technologies for accessing and transacting data, and ensuring that data is mobile regardless of specific applications and contexts. In Java development, persistence is a key factor in enterprise, e-co....

Working with NHibernate 3.0 Free Ebook

Name : Working with NHibernate 3.0

Author : Benjamin Perkins

Publication : Wrox

Size : 17.3 mb

Pages : 230

This book provides examples using the IQuery, ICriteria, QueryOver, and LINQ to NHibernate API's within the context of an example Guitar Store inventory program. The reader is walked through the creation of a Microsoft SQL Server 2008 database, the ....

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